The Operations Research and Industrial Engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin teaches several undergraduate core Department of Mechanical Engineering courses (more specifically ME 353 Engineering Finance and ME 335 Engineering Statistics) and offers several ORIE-related electives on a regular basis. The elective courses can be taken in series to build depth in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.

If an undergraduate student wishes to specialize in ORIE-related undergraduate-level material, they can complete an Industrial Engineering and Management Credential Program as part of the ME Career Gateway Electives offered by the department. In fact, starting in the Fall 2018 semester, they can take the ORIE electives with the new ORI code to highlight the program within which the courses are offered.

Undergraduate Courses

ORI 370 Statistical Methods in Manufacturing
ORI 366 Operations Research Models
ORI 367 Simulation Modeling
ORI 368 Production and Inventory Control
ORI 369 Decision Analysis
ORI 371 Basic Industrial Engineering
ORI 372 Production Engineering Management

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