Life in Austin

There's a reason — multiple reasons — why Austin is consistently named at the top of best-city lists. There are the obvious standout qualities: a sunny, temperate climate year-round; a music, arts and culture scene that's ever-changing; and its position as a major technology hub with a thriving economy and job market. And then there are the extra qualities that make Austin special: an open-minded spirit that welcomes all; the natural beauty built into the city; and no shortage of festivals, events and activities happening at all times of year. Students can ride public transportation for free with your UT ID, and with Austin being walkable and bike-friendly, you should get away from campus when you can and experience your new home city.

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Explore ORIE

Engineering Teaching Center

One of our two main facilities is located directly on UT Austin campus in the Engineering Teaching Center. ORIE students also have access to the group's High Performance Computer Laboratory of Linux workstations.

J.J. Pickle Research Campus

Our other primary facility is the Pickle Research Campus, located in North Austin. The Texas Advanced Computing Center, which boasts high performance computing resources such as the Stampede supercomputer, is located on this campus.