• ORI 390Q.1: Project Management
  • ORI 390Q.2: Production and Inventory Control
  • ORI 390Q.3: Facility Layout and Location
  • ORI 390Q.4: Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems 


  • ORI 390R.1: Applied Probability
  • ORI 390R.5: Applied Stochastic Processes
  • ORI 390R.8: Queueing Theory
  • ORI 390R.9: Digital Systems Simulation
  • ORI 390R.11: Advanced Stochastic Processes
  • ORI 390R.14: Special Topics in Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Statistics
  • ORI 390R.16: Markov Decision Processes
  • ORI 390R.17: Decision Analysis
  • ORI 390R.18: Statistical Methods in Manufacturing


  • ORI 391Q.1: Nonlinear Programming
  • ORI 391Q.2: Dynamic Programming
  • ORI 391Q.3: Network Flow Programming
  • ORI 391Q.4: Integer Programming
  • ORI 391Q.5: Linear Programming
  • ORI 391Q.6: Algorithms for Mixed Integer Programming
  • ORI 391Q.9: Large-Scale Systems Optimization
  • ORI 391Q.10: Stochastic Optimization
  • ORI 391Q.11: Advanced Mathematical Programming
  • ORI 391Q.12: Metaheuristics