Domestic Students: ALL materials are due by December 1.

International Students: ALL materials are due by December 1. Since the availability of testing centers is sparse in some regions of the world, we accept official TOEFL/IELTS and GRE scores until January 15. This means they must be submitted by then, not that you can take your exam until January 15. The rest of your application must be completed by December 1.

General Program Info

Required Credit Hours and Courses

For a master's degree, students must complete 24 credit hours in the ORIE program (this includes master's report or thesis hours, if applicable). In addition, 6 credit hours of electives must be completed. The coursework for Ph.D. is determined by the student's supervisor and supervising committee.

  • Master's Thesis option requires 30 credit hours (24 coursework hours + 6 thesis hours)
  • Master's Report option requires 30 credit hours (27 hours of coursework + 3 report hours)
  • Master's Coursework option requires 30 credit hours of coursework
  • Doctorate: In addition to research and dissertation credits, a Ph.D. program of work must include 24 hours (8 classes) of graduate coursework in the area of specialization for students with a master's degree in an area related to ORIE. Students without such a master’s degree must complete the M.S. degree requirements and then complete 24 additional hours of coursework.

For more information, visit the Academics section of the website. For more information about courses, view the UT Austin Course Schedule.

Career fields for ORIE graduates:

  • Research and Development
  • Data Science
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • Production and Operations Management 
  • Technology Startups
  • Software Engineering

Institutions and companies where graduates have gotten jobs:

  • IBM
  • Barclays Investment Bank
  • Toyota
  • Visa
  • Sandia National Labs
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • PayPal

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