A Texas Engineer has developed tractable solution schemes for difficult decision-making problems under uncertainty which are impacted by exogenous random quantities governed by a probability distribution which is itself only partially known.

Texas Engineers have developed a new smooth and continuous probability distribution system parameterized by percentile assessments gathered through expert elicitation, allowing decision analysts to model expert knowledge with greater fidelity and more easily than competing methods.

Texas Engineers have developed a new guidance for practitioners who use discrete approximations (discretizations) to continuous probability distributions, by showing how errors in probability distributions themselves compare to various approximation methods.

The student chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) at The University of Texas at Austin has been selected to received the INFORMS 2016 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Cum Laude level.

Texas Engineers have developed a new algorithm which calculates the most reliable route between two points, allowing for a more exact level of certainty for logistics industries such as supply chain management.