ORIE PhD student, Kyoung Kim recently completed a graduate internship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, working with their Revenue Cycle Analytic team. This position, which is part of ORIE’s Center for Engineering and Decision Analytics, afforded Kyoung the opportunity to work directly with MD Anderson senior managers and executives.

With the guidance of his supervisor (Prof. Eric Bickel), Kyoung was able to estimate the total cost of care for various patient conditions. This work helped MD Anderson and patients better prepare for the financial costs of cancer treatment.

In addition, Kyoung constructed a staffing model to estimate the required clinical headcount at new medical facilities. This work would play an important role in the decision to expand operations.

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MD Anderson summer interns pictured with MD Anderson executives: Brad Gibson (left, Treasurer), Ben Melson (center, CFO), and Connor Burdine (Executive Director, Revenue Cycle Analytics)