The last academic year was a banner year for the INFORMS Student Chapter in the Operations Research and Industrial Engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin, which received the INFORMS Annual Magna Cum Laude Award. This is the second highest award given to five select student chapters, chosen from hundreds of universities across the world, for their outstanding participation and performance during the last academic year.

The Student President during the term, Shreya Gupta, received the INFORMS Service Award for her contribution to the INFORMS Student Chapter at UT Austin.

Additionally, Dr. Guzin Bayraksan, a UT Austin alumnus and currently an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, won the Distinguished Service Award.

Last year, the UT Austin INFORMS Student Chapter was selected to received the INFORMS 2016 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Cum Laude level. The UT Austin INFORMS student chapter was previously recognized with the distinction in 2013 and 2014.

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