Texas Engineers Win INFORMS Student Chapter Awards

November 13, 2017

The last academic year was a banner year for the INFORMS Student Chapter in the Operations Research and Industrial Engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin, which received the INFORMS Annual Magna Cum Laude Award. This is the second highest award given to five select student chapters, chosen from hundreds of universities across the world, for their outstanding participation and performance during the last academic year.

Cracking the Code: Why Flu Pandemics Come At the End of Flu Season

October 19, 2017

You might expect that the risk of a new flu pandemic — or worldwide disease outbreak — is greatest at the peak of the flu season in winter, when viruses are most abundant and most likely to spread. Instead, all six flu pandemics that have occurred since 1889 emerged in spring and summer months. And that got some University of Texas at Austin scientists wondering, why is that?

Evdokia Nikolova Receives NSF Grant to Improve Power Grid Efficiency

October 18, 2017

Assistant professor Evdokia Nikolova has received a National Science Foundation grant for her work on algorithms and mechanisms for the distribution grid. The goal of this project is to “help the distribution grid and its participants transition from its current functionality of serving mostly traditional consumers, to the future grid that needs to sustainably integrate prosumers, renewables and distributed energy resources.”